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The CalTASH Legislative & Policy Committee presents a Town Hall Webinar:

Reengaging: Public Safety Strategies to Support Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

May 25th 4-6 pm

Reengaging in the community after two years of the pandemic has been difficult for us all. Even more so for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. With changes to daily routines, interruptions in services and supports, activities, school, and employment, many people face uncertainties about the future and concern about reengaging and once again spending more time in the community. Public safety is of utmost importance. In this webinar we will discuss strategies to support those with intellectual and developmental disabilities to be safe in their communities, and what training and initiatives help first responders and other public safety professionals better serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. 

Moderated by Sheraden Nicholau, State Council on  Developmental Disabilities (SCDD).
Panelists include:
Mizpah Brown-Rich, Joshua’s Gift;
Yolanda Cruz, Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) International and SCDD;
Peter Mendoza, SCDD;
Det. Erick Rueppel, San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PERT);
Cassie Villar, San Mateo County Adult Protective Services and Elder and Dependent Adult Protection Team. 

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