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Bill Rosenberg Memorial Award is given to a person who shows leadership in promoting the inclusion of persons with severe disabilities in employment, community, and/or home environments.

2022: Joy Boe

2020: Nancy & Mike Litteken
2019: Jeffrey Strully
2018: Andy & Dana Faletti
2017: Beth Gallagher

2016: Carole Watilo

2015: Bonnie Mintun

2014: Claudia Bolton

2012: Rocio de Mateo Smith

2011: Mark Starford

2010: Steve Zivolich

2009: Donna and Dale Dutton

2008: Blair Roger

2007: Richard Rosenberg

2006: Tom Heinz

Joe Donofrio

Annette Vitali-Thompson

Shirley Rodriguez

June Downing Memorial Outstanding Educator Award is given to an educator who demonstrates leadership in promoting and facilitating inclusive options for students with severe disabilities (preschool age through 22 years) in collaboration with families, general and special educators, support staff, and other members of the education team.

2023:Keely Mckelvey

2022: Martha Infante
2021: Meg Bristow
2020: Annie Cox
2019: Raymond Guron
2018: Sally Delyser
2017: Megan Gross
2016: Ian Leonard 
2015: Sharon Jobson
2014: Adrienne Johnston
2012: Amie Baral  
2012: Deanna Wilson-Shafer

Robert Gaylord-Ross Memorial Award is given to an outstanding scholar, involved in conducting and disseminating research and in providing teacher training at the university level, in the area of services and support for individuals with severe disabilities.  

2022: Amy Hanreddy

2019: Janice Myck-Wayne

2015: Caren Sax

2010: George Singer

2008: Ann Halvorsen

2007: Jan Weiner

2006: Wayne Sailor

2005: Kathy Peckham-Hardin

          Keith Storey

Mary Falvey Outstanding Young Person Award is given to a young person (under 21 years of age) who shows the values of Cal-TASH through his/her service or participation in activities promoting inclusion for all people.

2022: Alex Perez 
2021: Isita Tripathi

2019: Dan Rosien
2018: Olivia Adams-Falconer
2017: Eli Cooper

2016: Brandon Gruber

2015: Ido Kedar

2012: Cooper Berella

2008: Rebecca Kennedy

2007:Alexander (Xan) Sax

2006: Caleb Adams

2006: Dusty Dutton

Matthew Medina

Diane J. Lipton Memorial Award is given to an individual who has shown outstanding commitment and effort in systems level advocacy to promote policy that upholds the rights of individuals with disabilities, particularly children and youth, in inclusive schools and communities. 

2023: David German

2022: Benita Shaw 

2021: Fran Chasen

2020: Geri Fuchigami
2019: Don Cardinal
2018: Barbara Ransom

2016: Tony Anderson

2015 Barb Trader

2014 Art Bolton

2012 Marty Omoto

2011 Congressman George Miller

2010 Ellen Goldblatt 

2008 Tammy Ratto

2006 Dale Mentink

Positive Images in the Media Award is given to presentations in print, film, or other forms of media that contribute to the elimination of stereotypes by portraying people with disabilities and their lives accurately with recognition of the complexities of being human.

2023: Forget Me Not

2022: "The L Word: Generation Q"/Jillian Mercado 
2021 Carol Cujac & Peyton Goddard for Real

2020: Michael Schwartz, Tyler Nilson, & Zack Gottsagen for The Peanut Butter Falcon​
2019: Dan Habib for Intelligent Lives
2018: DJ Savarese for Deej
2017: Scott Silveri for Speechless

2016: Bunim Murray Productions for Born This Way

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