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Board of Directors

Jodie Agnew-Navarro, President
Diana Chulak, Vice President

Hiam Awni, Secretary
Lisa Yamasaki, Treasurer
Karen Ford Cull, Co-Treasurer 
Eileen Medina, Conference Coordinator
Samantha Toews, Assistant Conference Coordinator
Edith Arias
Viviana Barnwell
Ryan Duncanwood
Daniel Stickney
Trinity Suriano
Jean Gonsier-Gerdin, Current TASH Board Member Matthew Medina, Current TASH Board Member

Natalie Holdren, Current TASH Board Member

Jacki Anderson, Honorary
Kathleen Gee, Honorary
Kathy Peckham-Hardin, Honorary
Shirley Rodriguez, Honorary
Scott Shepard, Honorary
Diana is a white woman with brown curly hair. She is smailing and wearing a green top,
The CalTASH board is pictured in front of a yellow and gold balloon arch. There are 8 women standing and one woman sitting in a wheelchair. There are three men standing and one man sitting in a wheelchair. He is looking at the young man in the center who is gesturing with his arm in celebration.
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