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Cal-TASH Board of Directors Nominations

Are you or someone you know interested in being on the Cal-TASH board? See the expectations for board members below.  The call for nominations is open. Deadline for submission is April 1, 2024.

Eleven Cal-TASH Boarmembers gather in fron tof a screen where there are several more board members joining virtually.
Twelve Cal-TASH Board members pose in front of a shiny marble wall.

Cal-TASH Board Member Expectations

  1. Maintain current TASH/Cal-TASH membership

  2. Attend and participate in board video conference calls (4-8 times per year)

  3. Attend and participate in in-person Board meetings (2 times per year, Summer Board Retreat and Pre-Conference Board Meeting)

  4. Serve on a Board Committee as directed by the Board or Presidents

  5. Assist in the planning of the Annual Conference

  6. Carry out assigned duties during the Annual Conference

  7. Present at Annual CalTASH and/or TASH Conference (if applicable)

  8. Participate in Legislative Visits at the State Capitol and legislator's home offices

  9. Respond to emails from board members

  10. Assist as needed with Summer Symposium or Regional Events (if applicable)

  11. Represent Cal-TASH in your home community and throughout the state, as directed by the Board or Presidents, i.e. serve on committees as appointed

  12. Participate in and attend fundraisers for CalTASH, i.e. secure raffle or auction prizes, solicit donations and vendors, etc.

  13. Promote and advertise Cal-TASH events, i.e. through email, mail, phone, social media, etc.

Submit your nomination here

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