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Mary Falvey is smiling - she is a mature white woman with blond hair and glasses.

Dr. Mary Falvey

Retired Professor California State University, Los Angeles

Where do we go after 2 years after the pandemic?

Dr. Falvey is an Emeriti Professor and former Dean of the Charter College of Education California State University, Los Angeles. She has advocated for hundreds of thousands of students with disabilities to be educated alongside their nondisabled peers while receiving the supports and services to be successful, she is the parent of an adult son with learning disabilities and the aunt of a 31-year-old man with Down syndrome and autism.  She has written, edited, and contributed to journal articles and chapters in over 11 journals, 18 books, and has written 4 books.

Elizabeth Grigsby is smiling. She is an African-American woman wearing her hair in tight braids.

Elizabeth Grigsby

Rights advocate for folks with disabilities


Hello. My name is Elizabeth Grigsby. I’m a rights advocate for folks with disabilities. I’ve been advocating and helping people speak up for their rights, teaching them they have rights, for many many years. My motto is: whatever your voice is like, make sure it’s loud and clear, so people know what you want in your life. I’m all about empowering and challenging my community to thrive and live their best life. That’s why I’m the rights advocate, because I believe in everyone’s ability. I look beyond their disability.

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