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2023 Special

Cal-TASH 2023 Lanterman Act Session

The Lanterman Act: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Looking back at the history of the grassroots movement that created the Lanterman Act and how we can move forward to advocate for equity, opportunity and inclusion for Californians with disabilities

Our Esteemed Panelists include: 


Edith Arias, Parent

Nancy Bargmann, Director DDS (or representative)

Toby Bazan, individual with Developmental Center lived experience

Claudia Bolton, Director North Star Supported Living Agency

Amy Westling, Director ARCA

College for Everyone: Inclusive College Experiences

College for Everyone:
Inclusive College Experiences

We will close our 40th Anniversary Conference with a special session on Post-Secondary Education

A panel discussion  on Inclusive College experiences from those with lived experiences, family members, and inclusive college staff. Each sharing their experiences of new postsecondary pathways to opportunities of attending college. Showing that the college experience can be for EVERYONE.

California Storytellers for Change Sunset over the Pacific and palm tress in sillohette against the sun.

California Storytellers for Change



The public and policymakers need to hear your voice and your stories about inclusion in education, employment, housing, and all aspects of community living.


TASH needs your help today! Your stories can have a positive impact on millions of lives. We will make sure that policymakers and advocacy leaders listen to you so that they know what you need to fulfill your goals in life.

Advocates/Self-Advocates with lived experience attending the Cal-TASH conference interested in being filmed for California Storytellers for Change


A Collaboration between TASH and Cal-TASH

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